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Why We Focus On Education

Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. Setting kids on the path to success begins with early intervention, and then, through high-quality education, students can graduate high school prepared for college & career. United Way focuses on long-term solutions and addressing opportunity gaps throughout the cradle-to-career pipeline in order to keep kids on track to graduating prepared for success. Education is divided into two focus areas: Childhood Success and Youth Success. Childhood Success focuses on early intervention and topics such as early grade reading and school readiness, while Youth Success deals with middle grades success, high school graduation, and post-secondary success.

UWLC Initiatives & partner agency programs with Education focus:

  • Imagination Library—United Way
  • Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) - District 56
  • Plato Education Program—AMIkids Piedmont
  • Youth Mentoring—Bridging the Gap
  • Youth Job Training—SC Empowerment Centre
  • Scouting Leadership Youth Development—Boy Scouts
  • Countdown to Kindergarten—1st Steps of LC
  • CHAMPS—Presbyterian College
  • Scouting Leadership 7 Literacy Programs—Girl Scouts
  • Art Therapy & Literacy for the Disabled—LCDSNB
  • Literacy Adult Basic Education—Literacy Council
  • Born Learning—United Way