Be An Advocate - Voice Your Opinion!

  1. Connect with your community by introducing yourself to a neighbor you don't know.
  2. Help young people to love reading by becoming a tutor.
  3. Reduce, reuse and recycle by cleaning out your closet and donating goods to a local shelter.
  4. Support local culture by visiting arts and learning facilities you may not have visited before.
  5. Recognize positive change by sending a thank-you letter to a person or group that helped your community grow stronger.
  6. Dream bigger for yourself and your community and share your ideas for a more vital caring community.
  7. Beautify your world by picking up trash and debris you see on the street - make your community a brighter, safer place!
  8. Give back to your community by becoming a donor - or upgrade your donation to a Leadership Level like the Pillar's Club or Palmetto Society.
  9. Voice your opinion/be an advocate by telling your state legislator what is important to you and what is impacting your community.
  10. Volunteer a little of your time.

How do you LIVE UNITED?