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The Golden Strip provides financial assistance on Utilities, Medication, Rent, and Food to Laurens County residents who live above Highway 101 (Gray Court / Fountain Inn area) in the upper portions of the county.






Mrs. L lives in Laurens County. She is 59 years old, lives alone and has been laid off from her full time job. This has been devastating to Mrs. L because she has always been self-sufficient and able to pay her own bills. Now, at this age, she must look to other means of assistance. While being interviewed, she expressed how difficult it is to ask for someone else to look at your bills and know you may be cut off or lose your house.


Golden Strip Emergency Relief volunteers are extremely sensitive to this type of situation. She was assured that the information would not be shared—only with her permission, could we even call a utility company. This seemed to make her feel at ease. We do have private interview rooms and try to always assure clients of their privacy. On her next visit, Mrs. L was looking for a job, even a part-time job, although she was receiving unemployment by this time. She also had a daughter who, since her first visit, had moved back in with her. They both were looking for work at this time. Parents will always be parents and help their children out—even adult children.


Golden Strip has been able to help her with the electric bill and food over a year’s time. On the last visit by Mrs. L, she had decided to get her GED, so that she could better equip herself for employment. As a result of that last visit, our agency was able to provide a referral and information for her to attend GED classes here on campus, where we are located, Center for Community Services.


Without the allocation from United Way of Laurens County, we would not have been able to assist Mrs. L with her needs. She is striving to return to the working world, and she is becoming self-sufficient again. Success stories are hard to come by right now—when jobs are so few, and funds are tight. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a large amount to help someone move on and move forward. We feel blessed to have the funding and necessary resources to provide to Mrs. L and to many others in our coverage area of Laurens County.