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  1860 Hwy 14
  PO Box 986

  Laurens, SC  29360
  Phone 864-682-2314

LCDSNB is a public, non-profit agency, which serves individuals with developmental disabilities, head and spinal cord injuries, and autism and their families in all areas of Laurens County. The LCDSNB, created by an act of Legislation in 1973, in conjunction with the Laurens County Association for Retarded Citizens has developed an array of services and programs in an ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive delivery system for persons with disabilities.

Our goal is to offer opportunities for people with disabilities to reach their full potential. All programs are operated in the least restrictive environment and are licensed by the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and /or the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Federal, state and local government, United Way, and individual donations fund LCDSNB.
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Andy is currently enrolled in the Wellness Program with the Laurens YMCA. Andy is a spastic quadriplegic and is totally dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. For Andy, performing some of the most basic tasks, such as grasping a cup or throwing a ball, can be quite a challenge for him, due to his physical disability. This does not stop him from being a committed participant of the wellness program. When the instructor arrives, Andy is the first one to get in place to do the aerobics routine. With a big smile on his face, Andy tries harder than anyone else to do the same moves the instructor is doing, even though he knows his body limits him from getting all the moves exactly right. He calls the instructor “Buddy”, and always has a positive attitude. Since the start of the LCDSNB Wellness Program, Andy has not missed a single workout. Through this program, the physical activity allows Andy to move freely and challenge both sides of his mind and his body.